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God is working, right now, building his amazing Kingdom here on Earth. What a blessing it is to join the Lord in His kingdom work here at Pacific by pressing in on the values of Life Together, Spiritual Formation, Embodying the Gospel and Transformative Justice. We have been studying how the Lord moved in these ways for the early church and we believe he is moving like this in our time.

If we take “Life Together” seriously, we must agree that our church is willing to embrace the messiness of belonging together and the difficulty of being authentic. What do I mean by Life Together being messy? This kind of messy is different from, for example, my teenager’s bedroom, which is more like chaos, but rather I am referring to a good mess; a beautiful mess. A good mess is more like my kitchen countertop while I am baking apple pie or my back deck when Debbie and I are planting our garden in the spring. This type of mess is more about transformation and growth, and this is what we open ourselves up to when we do Life Together.

One way that our church can embrace this is by being a place where it is ok to ask questions.

We are starting a new sermon series on November 14th where we will move forward in our value of Life Together. We will do this by asking some hard questions of our faith, our bible, and our church. There will be much to think over and new things to learn but remember behind all of this is our value of Life Together which shapes our identity. If we truly are to be a church growing in Intimacy and Impact for God, we must be a place where people belong and have the freedom to ask hard questions. This is a great way for us to be authentic and beautifully messy in our Life Together.

Here are the questions we will be asking:
1. Does science contradict the Bible and make Christianity irrelevant?
2. Is the bible (especially the OT) reliable?
3. Is it hopeless to believe in the existence of God?
4. How does the church talk about Peace on Earth when we have had such a violent history?
5. Are all religions just the same thing in the end?
6. Is there any difference between Chrsitians and those who don’t believe in Jesus?

Praying for God’s blessing on us all during these upcoming weeks,
Pastor Jon