Renovation Design

Our design is an early rendering. The general design, worked through by many PCC stakeholders, is very much the way we want to move forward but there are many fine details yet to be finalized as we move into the final design stage.  Instead of one large renovation project we have thought it best to move through the renovation in stages for two reasons. First, it is more finanically feasible and less demanding on our community's generosity. Second, it allows us to play with the final phases of our design as needs and opportunities shift. 

We are excited about the renovations because it will increase our capacity for ministry but also update our building where wear and tear has taken its normal toll. 

Quick Description of the Four Phases 

Phase 1

  • 80% of preconstruction costs
  • South Entrance and Commons Area (expanded foyer, meeting and eating area)
  • Parking Lot Redevelopment
  • Covered Bin Enclosure
  • Furniture

Phase 2

  • 20% of preconstruction costs
  • Exterior Covered Entrances
  • Auditorium and Stage
  • Sound and Lighting Upgrade

Phase 3

  • Children's Ministry Area
  • Added Classroom with Second Floor
  • Exterior Blue Wood Resurfaced
  • Exterior Painting

Phase 4

  • Toddler Classroom Upgrade
  • Outdoor Playground

Downloadable Documents--attached files

Renovation Conversation

The slide presentation provided at the November 30, 2016 Annual General Meeting helps to breakdown the phases of the Renovation. It also includes the cost estimates.

Initial Drawings (Pre-final design stage)

The early architectural drawings provide a very good idea about how we hope to redesign our facilty. The emphasis is on early. There are many small things that need work and even some substantial things in terms of the auditorium--stage and sound.

Cost Estimates

We have worked on providing a generous budget to complete the project in total and also in phases. Much of the work is straightforward and we are confident that our in-house skill (Bruno) is capable of overseeing and managing the project.