Though there are multiple ways to give, they all share the same secure process. The easiet way to give is by website, text, app and online community where you can give once or set up a recurring donation.  

Give by Website

Our web page has a permanent giving tab at the very top right in the horizontal blue band:  GIVE THROUGH PUSHPAY

Give by Text

On your smart phone text 77977 and type pcccloverdale.

Give by App

Download PACIFIC'S APP and click the giving icon.

Give by Online Community

Login into our secure online community and you will find a giving link on the left tab. By checking your online profile you will also see your your personal giving record.LOGIN NOW.

Give on any Sunday through the safety box at the back of the sanctuary.

A safety box is placed at the back of the santuary and your envelope can be placed there.  Or, drop off your offering to the staff on site or to the mailbox at the "Office Entrance" door. 

If you wish to begin or replenish your stack of "numbered" envelopes you can do so by connecting with Tracy Cudmore our Bookkeeper.  Select here to request numbered envelopes.

Give by your online bank payments

Your online bank provides you a way to set up payees.  This is a cost friendly way to do it.

Give by donating Gifts-in-Kind

There are times that you may want to donate an asset to Pacific (i.e. car, painting). This is allowable when the appropriate steps are taken. Contact Tracy our bookkeeper who will guide you through the steps.