Sermon Based Small Groups

Small Groups organized around questions from the weekly Sunday Messages

Sermon based small groups have been around for a while. It is a simple idea that makes the most of your time when you meet as a small group (5 to 12) people who gather weekly or every two weeks to meetup, pray, learn, and support one another as we seek to grow into maturity in Christ.

We would like to establish easy-to-start, easy-to-join, easy-to-make-happen small groups that you can launch on your own or with a little help from the Groups at Pacific Team.

For someone to join a group, it is as easy as registering for a group and our Groups at Pacific Team will respond quickly with a couple of options and set up connections for you to jump into a group as soon as possible. You don't need to do anything more than catching the message on Sunday. If you missed that, listen to it online. Presto, you are ready for a great small group night.

For someone to start a group, it is as easy as picking a night, inviting a group, registering your group, and working through some of the suggested questions uploaded along with the past weeks Sunday message.  Since February the preacher of the message has been crafting questions to help a group dig deeper into the message. The questions are suggestive but can be adapted and modifed for your group's specific realities. You can also contact the preacher to clarify or focus in on an issue.

In order to facilitate the best sort of groups, the Groups at Pacific Team, will keep in touch with the group contact person (usually the primary make-it-happen-person), provide some basic training, and ensure that the group continues to do things well and in keeping with what we value at Pacific.

Register Here to help start a group in your area!