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One of our partners in Haiti, Alongside Families, is currently experiencing increased unrest in the region. We are sharing their latest update and ask you to prayerfully consider how you can support them during this challenging time of uncertainty.
As you probably know from local news, the unrest in Haiti continues to deteriorate and there is really no clear path out of the spiral.
Christianity Today recently published an article that is tough to read; "Haitians Are Ministering at the End of the World".

So, how are we doing? I feel like I need to compartmentalize my response.

I'll start with the families that we support. We have touched base with all of our families and they are all 'safe' and outside of gang controlled areas. All of our students are attending functioning schools. The majority of the chaos is in Port-au-Prince, communities surrounding Port-au-Prince, and larger cities scattered throughout the country. Suburbs and smaller communities are relatively calm but food & essentials are very expensive and becoming more scarce as very little is being transported.

The main concern being raised by our families is being able to afford food and fear of what will happen next.

The acting Prime Minister, Henry Ariel, has agreed to step down once a transitional government is in place. The international community (CARICOM) has put together a transitional council that would be responsible for eventually holding elections but they haven't been sworn in yet. The gangs (who have joined forces to oust Ariel) say they will not recognize the council and threatens that anyone appointed by the international community will be targeted. Our families echo this frustration with the meddling of the international community as those that have been named for the council include politicians that have proven over and over that they do not have Haiti's best interest in mind.

While we can't do anything to ease fear of what will happen politically we can help to ease their concerns about being able to purchase food for their families. 

Here is a picture of hampers we have been giving out.

If you would like to help us provide food hampers for our families you can donate to our relief fund or sign up to become a regular "SOL supporter". SOL is the Kreyol word for foundation so by becoming a SOL supporter you are strengthening our foundation and allowing us to respond to urgent needs in Haiti effectively and immediately.

How are our programs functioning?
Our Sponsorship Program had a sponsorship drive in February and we were able to increase our sponsorship by 23 shares a month! This is allowing us to increase the number of students we support in the coming school year. While this doesn't have an immediate impact on those new students it will provide hope to their families, and that is significant.

Our SBL (Small Business Loan) program is thriving! In the past few weeks we've had 4 loans repaid and 5 new loans issued. That's incredible given the unpredictable circumstances these businesses are operating in. Small businesses are the backbone of communities and we are providing a service essential to keeping them operational. If you're looking for practical ways to support families in Haiti during this turbulent time donating to our SBL program is as good as it gets!

In the coming months we will be highlighting some of our loan recipients so you can see the impact the loans are having in Haiti.

And finally, how are we doing personally?
Renel & I are heartbroken about what is happening in Haiti. We are on the phone daily with Alongside's staff (Luckner & Garry) as well as our friends & family. We've talked about what we think needs to happen to improve things in Haiti so much that I don't even know what I think anymore. What we are certain of is how grateful we are that we have a practical way to help through Alongside.

Giving out food hampers to families that don't know where their next meal is coming from. Giving out a business loan to a young mother who feeds her children with her income. Hearing the relief in parents voices when we tell them that we will support their child in school next year. We are grateful to be involved in every moment.

Thank you for walking alongside us as we walk alongside families in Haiti - together we can make a difference!

Rebecca Honorat
Executive Director

For more information about Alongside Families in Haiti check out their partner page here!