Taya Vantol
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Has God been speaking to your heart about Baptism?  Annually, we include Baptisms as part of our Easter Sunday Worship Service (Sunday March 27, 2015) - this is your next opportunity. 

Some sprinkle but we like making a big splash during our Sunday Worship Service, and annually we even make a trek out to the beach!  If you were a language expert you would know that one of the meanings of the Greek word baptizo is to dip, to plunge, to immerse, to bathe, and to overwhelm.  Unless there are special circumstances our practice is to plunge a person under water to express their identification with Jesus in His death and resurrection and their decision to follow Him.  Dunking (or immersion if you want to get theologically precise), in our mind, is the most graphic way of capturing the depth of meaning and purpose intended in baptism.

If you may be feeling that this is a good season to take this step, please select here to register for the Baptism Class on Monday, March 7; 7pm, or contact Pastor Brian to discuss further [email protected]