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Dear Pacific,

It has been over a month since I represented the board of elders in a mid-week update video where I shared with you our plan of austerity at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We took steps early on to protect ourselves from the harsh economic realities of operating during a pandemic.  The board of elders, along with Pastor Jim, reduced our staffing hours substantially and the board passed a reduced budget to help us continue to operate in a fiscally healthy and responsible manner.

A lot has happened since that week.  Many items of praise. 

Our giving has remained strong through March and April, above what we projected.  Giving to the Cloverdale Community Kitchen has been very strong. 

We have made our last mortgage payment and our mortgage is now paid in full.  (Please note that the planned post-service parking lot party for this Sunday has been postponed to a later, undetermined, date due to concerns around crowd size and Covid-19).

Pastor Jim has been able to bring back many of our staff, returning others back to their full hours. 

The board would like to thank you for your faithful giving.  It is extraordinary.  There are other organizations that are struggling, some are in dire straits, but your faithfulness mirrored by God’s faithfulness has kept our church healthy.  You can see a summary of our finances below.

We would also like to recognize the extraordinary work of our staff.  We would like to mention Pastor Alex who has been learning video production on the job and has been exceptional at his work.  He ended up putting in a lot of extra hours over the first few weeks, which we are very appreciative of.  We are blessed to have him at Pacific.

How can a church be a church without meeting together?  Pastor Prince has been working tirelessly at finding ways to connect people together, to make sure growth groups are meeting online, in finding ways to create a fun and meaningful time online for our youth and many other groups.

We are thankful for the work of Matt, Courtney, Lindsay, Joan and the rest of the Cloverdale Community Kitchen team as God continues to expand the opportunities and the vision of CCK to reach even more people In our community who could use a helping hand. 

And we are thankful for Pastor Jim who has led so effectively in the interim and especially during this pandemic.  He has been a voice of encouragement for our church and has so lovingly cared for our staff and our congregation as we navigate these challenging times and continue our work towards finding our next lead pastor.

This past Tuesday night the board met together online and began discussing the future, how and when we might be able to meet together again.  We are bound by the provincial laws in place regarding gatherings and we abide by them gladly, knowing they are keeping our church family safe as well as keeping our building safe for volunteers and patrons of the meals and the food bank.  But there are some very creative ideas being considered and we hope as you do that we will have more opportunities in the future to see each other. 

I’ll be honest, as a shy introvert, shaking hands at church was never my favourite part of the service.  But now I long for the day that I can do that again.   But this is not the time for handshakes.  Not yet.  This is the time to long for handshakes, to realize how blessed we were to pass the peace of Christ with one another, to shake a hand, to pat a back, perhaps give or receive a hug.

And those days will return and I look forward to shaking your hand and saying “The peace of Christ”.  Until then, on behalf of the board of elders, be encouraged and know that our God is great.  

Dave Ashton
Chairperson of the Board of Elders    


                                            March                                       April                               Year to 04/30/20
Budgeted Income            82,333.00                               96,003.00                                641,434.00

Actual Income                 96,292.33                               93,770.19                                697,071.12

Budget Expenses             74,724.52                               69,839.69                                573,459.45

Actual Expenses              66,093.53                               47,644.15                                545,246.36

Actual giving
less Actual expenses       30,198.80                               46,126.04                                151,824.76