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OIL OF OREGANO AT 39,000 FEET by C&MA President, David Hearn

A few months ago, while returning to Canada from an international trip, my wife, Agnes, and I missed our connecting flight in South Korea, which meant that our trip home would end up being much longer than we had anticipated. Feeling somewhat frustrated, we settled in for the extended journey. Agnes, sensing symptoms of a head cold, put a few drops of oil of oregano (her favourite natural remedy) on her tongue, and in an instant, its strong fragrance filled our section of the plane.

One of the flight attendants, Jessica, walked by and asked Agnes, “Is that oil of oregano?” Agnes smiled and answered, “Yes, I think I have a cold coming on.” Jessica asked, “What do you suggest for a migraine? I’ve had one for two days, and I’m in a lot of discomfort.”

Without hesitation, Agnes declared, “The best cure I know for a migraine is prayer. My husband would be delighted to pray for you!” Suddenly, I found myself at the centre of this conversation. I asked Jessica if it would be okay with her if I prayed. She readily agreed. I held her hand and felt a strong sense of God’s presence. I prayed, “Dear God, I am asking You to heal Jessica and take away her headache immediately. Remove the pain and bring her relief.” I felt an inner confidence that God was answering my prayer, that in the mystery and majesty of His grace, He had set in motion a divine intervention—He had even delayed a flight to bless a young woman in discomfort!

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