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 To our Pacific Community Church Family, 

We felt follow-up was crucial, after our message on Friday morning regarding the change of directorship at the Cloverdale Community Kitchen. We assure you that PCC remains steadfast in support of, and commitment toward, CCK.

We stand together with the staff of CCK, as we continue programs to fulfill the Christ-lead mission of the organization; to feed, clothe, shelter and bring hope to the vulnerable in our community. PCC is committed to ensuring that CCK continues to receive the resources and support it needs to operate its programs and outreach services.

CCK's work is essential to the community – providing the homeless a place to shelter, the lonely senior a place to find community through a warm meal and the refugee or single-parent, some extra groceries to feed their family. CCK needs your support more than ever to continue this important work.

We realize that this change is unexpected and impactful. We want to walk alongside those who are feeling confused or hurt by this. We care deeply about you and want to process this with you. To that end, we would like to create opportunities to journey together, through group debrief sessions.

Due to the complexity of the situation, we cannot disclose any confidential information involved in the process. However, we want to know how you are feeling and address any worries you may have. If you would like to be included in these group debrief sessions, please send Pastor Prince an email at  and he will provide you with further details.

Additionally, this situation will be further addressed during our Sunday morning service. The members of PCC's Board of Elders will be available and welcomes the opportunity to talk with you after the service.

We are praying for health, unity and thriving relationships within our church family and broader community. Our God is faithful, and we pray that He will continue to lead our church, our ministries, and the incredible programs of CCK.


Jon, Jordan, and the PCC Board of Elders