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This summer we are moving from our study of the Kingdom of Heaven, breaking in through the work of Jesus, into a preaching series about what comes next for the people of God. The next steps in the biblical narrative are the Acts of the Holy Spirit, essentially the work of God through people who were Jesus’ followers.

Witness happened.
Lives were changed.

We know that God’s Kingdom work continues in our time and in so many creative ways. God’s kingdom is breaking in all over, here in Canada, in Cloverdale, and here at Pacific. What a thing to celebrate!  

Join us this summer as Pastors Jon and Prince, together with guest preachers, focus on scriptures that lead us in celebrating the Work of God in our time. Each week we will hear a testimony from someone at Pacific on how they have seen the work of God in their lives, even during the Covid pandemic. It is a summer to celebrate a return to fellowship and the God who is working among us.