Jim Heuving
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Pacific is building its team and we want to invite someone who loves making good things great through creative design and effective communications. This person will be a key player in helping the team to promote and develop our ministry initiatives with clarity, simplicity and a flare for fun.  Once upon a time, we would have called this role the office manager, but the days have changed where websites, social media, and digital newsletters have trumped the traditional means of communication. We are looking for a youthful, energetic, and skilled communications director who will transform our hodgy-podgy efforts into a lean, mean, and attractive mission team. You will be instrumental in working with the staff to create outstanding communication projects to promote the variety of efforts that occur weekly.  

You will need to be administratively competent to manage the multitude of projects and oversee the daily tasks of website management, communication system enhancements, social media management, and general church promotions (slides, posters, signage, etc.). You would be the primary creative agent at Pacific making the ordinary into something compelling and catchy. 

We are open to part time and full time options with our primary goal being to find the right kind of skilled person who can help our team organize and develop its ministry through capable creative efforts.

Visit our staff opportunities page to apply.

Read our position description which gives some general description of the role.