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Building meaningful community is so vital, but actually getting together can be complicated. We want to make it easy and fun for people at Pacific to connect with one another.

We are planning a series of "Community Burst" events to have some fun together as a church!  We have planned seven "bursts" based around the things we (staff members) love doing--drinking coffee, cycling, hiking, making pizza, and paddling. We hope you will come join us!

The longer term goal is simple also. We would love to see more "Community Burst" events created based on what you love doing (jamming, motorcycle riding, cooking, knitting, etc.)! Moreover, we  anticipate that such initial opportunities will lead to greater opportunities as you get to know each other.  

We intend these "Community Bursts" to be opportunities for you to meet others who worship here at Pacific (and perhaps introduce some of your friends to your other friends at Pacific.)

It is that simple! Take a look at the group page for more details on each "Community Burst" event!  We hope you sign up for one or even create one!