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Impact ministries is committed to helping you provide avenues for your preteens to continue to grow in their affections for God and His Word. In light of this, below you will find a family activity that is geared towards assisting your preteens grow in their biblical knowledge. 

Family Activity

Begin by reading Genesis 39:1-6,19-23;41:14-16 as a family.

Divide your family into groups of 1-2 persons, and give each group a stack of index cards or sheets of paper. Ask each group to list major events in Joseph's life so far, each on a different index card or sheet of paper. 

Examples include: the gift of the multicolored coat from his father, being thrown into the pit, his brothers plotting against him, and being sold to the Ishmaelites.

Then, instruct each group to switch cards with another group. After they switch, allow five
minutes for the group to prepare a skit that tells the story on their card. Call up groups one at a time to
present their skits. Allow the other groups to guess what’s going on in the skit. Once someone guesses
correctly, ask them to tell the story to the rest of the group. Then ask:

• Do you think Joseph expected or enjoyed the difficult things that
happened to him? Explain.

• How would you have responded if any of these things happened
to you?