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Hello PCC Family,  

We, the Board of Elders at PCC, wanted to share some important news with you from Pastor Jim. Please see his message below:  

Today I want to share some important news with you about my role at Pacific Community Church.  

I have served at Pacific Community Church since September 2000 - a good twenty years. I believe, along with Monica, that it is time for me to transition from my Executive Pastoral role to pursue new opportunities that God will set before me. 

We are very proud and grateful of Pacific' s ministry in Cloverdale and beyond specially evidenced in the ministry of the Cloverdale Community Kitchen. God certainly extended his table from the sanctuary into the world through these recent years. Lately, it seems, we have been at our best.  With Christ leading, the Spirit empowering, and God providing, we are confident that the committed and faithful volunteers, staff, and board present today are more than capable to move the church forward with strength, zeal, and fruitfulness.

The best of our years has been spent among you. We love and cherish Pacific Community Church and always will. We count it a great privilege to serve among you. Nevertheless, all good things have their ending and we know that such a time has arrived for me to disengage from my pastoral role at Pacific.  

You will now have to ask somebody else to make you Black Forest cakes.  

Officially, my last day will be September 10 – two months away. However, much of that time will be vacation time – all of August. I will be available for the next couple of weeks in July and the first days of September to tie up loose ends and ensure all things on my desk are set in order. 

I look forward to connecting with many of you as our family makes our way into the new days to come. I hope that these next couple of months may be a sweet time of memories, blessing, and opportunities to celebrate Christs ministry at Pacific.   

Jim Heuving  

We are so grateful for Jim, Monica, Eric and Iain for all that they have given to this church community. Jim joined the church staff in Sept 2000 almost 20 years ago and so most of us cannot remember a time when Jim and Monica were not an integral part of PCC’s life and leadership.  

As Jim will be with us until early September, this gives him space to wrap up his time with us well, so the Heuvings can have their planned vacation in August, and so that you will have time to communicate with him as you feel led.  

We also want you to mark your calendars as we are aiming to have a farewell celebration and appreciation for Jim and his family on Sunday Sept 13. Details for this will be clearly communicated later in the summer.    Jim, we want you to know that we love you and we are going to miss your very faithful presence among us.

May God bless and keep you.  



The Board of Elders