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Hello from the other side! (of the world)  
Some of you may or may not have heard that Jake and I had plans to return home to Canada on April 7th, however due to COVID-19, our flight got cancelled. Through efforts to get a refund, our travel agent informed us that we could re book with the same airline free of cost. We then re booked our flight to April 16th and we were hopeful that it would happen but also aware that it could get cancelled. Five days before the flight I looked on our airlines website and they had announced that they are suspending all flights until the end of April, and they are hoping to continue flights in May. Our flight is now re booked for May 17th! 
You also may have heard that we were planning on attending a SOBE (School of Business and Entrepreneurship) with YWAM in Colorado, in May 2020. However, with all the flight cancellations, quarantine and borders closing, the school was cancelled and we are not able to attend. We still would love to be apart of this school, so the plan is to attend the SOBE in May 2021!
We are not getting too upset with these circumstances, we are taking it day by day, aware that anything can change with our plans and remaining open to that. We know that God is in control and he is going to take care of us. Right now, we are continuing our volunteer work with YWAM Gold Coast. Of course, this looks a little bit different now. I am working from home everyday, and continuing to do Registrar and Accounts for YWAM Gold Coast. We are still getting inquiries and applications for our DTS (Discipleship Training School) programs. We are in faith that the Coronavirus will end soon and we will be able to run our July 2020 and October 2020 DTS's!
Jake is working half days at the base doing maintenance! (outside and at a safe distance from others.) They are doing a lot of upkeep on the base property and finishing projects that they haven't been able to get to in the busier seasons during DTS's. 
In our free time, we try and stay active by going for walks or sitting outside in the sun! I may have gone crazy and deep cleaned our house a couple of times :) I am thankful that we can still enjoy this warm weather for a little while longer, although it is starting to cool down here now! 
A couple of months ago, we communicated to our supporters that we would be leaving YWAM in the beginning of April, however, as I mentioned, we will now be here until May 17th, potentially longer if that flight gets cancelled as well. Jake and I have lost some supporters, as I understand this is a difficult time financially for everyone. Our renters have graciously reduced our rent for us, which is very helpful, however we are still in need of more support. Unfortunately, we are not able to get any financial aid from the Canadian or Australian Government, as we do not currently reside in Canada, and we are not citizens of Australia. If you could pray and consider supporting us financially we would greatly appreciate it!
If you would like to do a tax deductible donation you can go to this link: and use my full name - Courtney Petrunia - and giving code PC14.  Another option is to do an e-transfer to my account - email: [email protected] 
Please keep us in your prayers; for us to remain healthy and for us to be able to get home soon!
Thank you for reading :)
Jake & Courtney Klassen