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Pacific family, you are invited to support our partner in mission, Kurumbuka this September! On the 23rd & 24th they are hosting a major event in North America: the Harvest. It is taking place at the new Robert G. Kuhn Centre at TWU in Langley and Phocas, their Rwanda Country Director, is joining them at this event!

Event Details

When: Three different event times
o Friday, September 23: 7 PM
o Saturday, September 24: 2 PM
o Saturday, September 24: 7 PM 

What: An immersive journey showcasing inspiring Christian leaders in East and Central Africa. 
o Part 1: A 90-minute multi-media experience including live speakers, short films, a photo exhibition
o Part 2: A time of discussion, refreshments, and an invitation to invest in local African leaders 

Why: Raise $100,000 in scholarship funding for exceptional African leaders to attend our leadership programs. 

Registration takes 5 seconds:
If you're interested in going the extra mile, they are still looking for table hosts.The only responsibility is filling a table of 8.  
Lastly, we're still looking for volunteers.  
Register HERE!