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Post written by DTS student Shaelyne Suchor, May 21, 2019

Taiwan is unreal.

Although this city is no larger than 110,000 people, how blessed we are to be here. Everyday holds a new enthralling adventure that most people only dream of. Surrounded by a few of God's greatest work of mountains and ocean, we are impacting lives in this country every single day. Whether it's in the confines of our four walls, or boldly during the busy market downtown, love has no bounds.

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge. Photographed by: Lillian Schwier


In some situations we work very practically with our ministries. Challenging disabled children every week by building an obstacle course and gently helping each kindred spirit overcome boundaries that are easily conquered by able-bodies. We also visit patients on bedrest, saddened by the hopelessness that overcomes their physical state. We pray earnestly, laying hands on them in hope that they know that they're deeply and wonderfully loved by a God that will never give up on them. As a team we know that the bible says when we lay hands on the sick they WILL recover and although we haven't seen a bold recovery thus far, we still believe every week that God will be manifested.

Its prevalent that each member of our team is growing immensely in their own relationship with God. Every morning at nine a.m. we gather as a whole and one person leads us out in a devotional, we are also highly encouraged to pursue God on a personal level in our free time. One way that it's clear that we're all growing is our street evangelism. We've started going into the marketplace and singing songs, performing skits, and building relationships with the locals.

Last Wednesday Holy Spirit was in the place, I tell you. We started our day going to Genesis, which is a christian hospital that has a program for the people who's physical state seems hopeless. Going here strengthens our faith in many ways, being able to love on people whom society neglects week after week. Although incredibly difficult, at the same time, we learn a copious amount of selfless love in the short visit we get with these people. After a heart-wrenching time at Genesis, we wandered through the rain home for lunch and discussed our afternoon. For the most part we had free-time, but our leaders committed our team to Spirit lead evangelism at the night market (a first time for us publicly performing our drama, singing, and preaching).

Sharing my testimony with the Taiwanese people.


We prepared as best as we could and hit the streets for a nervous and exciting night, and that it was. The translator that accompanied us has come to be a dear friend of ours in Taiwan, but unfortunately he doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. That in itself shows that God's hand is over our team and that he chases the one left behind. I mean, what are the odds of someone denying their own free-time to translate a message that they don't even believe? Wow. Tim is the name of the boy who translated for us. Anyways, we head to the marketplace with a cajon (a portable drum), a guitar, and high hopes that the gospel is spread to the masses. We immediately sign up for an open-mic night held in an entertainment bar in the market. Then, to make use of the time we had before performing, we meandered down the way and sang worship songs to all that were passing by.

Surely, time came around to perform the skit we poured so much time into. A long and powerful six minutes later and we've fully conveyed the message of creation, the fall, sinful natures, and God's abundant grace without using a single word. To relay the message more clear, I fully surrendered my life story aligning it to depict the drama further. It was an incredible moment. Reaching the ears of several Taiwanese people, showing a story of hope, and putting my heart fully out there so that Jesus can work through my words.

Jake; looking like he's cursing the crowd, but really he's blessing them.


We were on a spiritual high after. So we continued. We left the open mic stage and revisited our previous singing grounds. But this time, we not only sang worship songs but did another skit about identity. Jake preached that each human is made so specifically to their calling, and another human shouldn't yearn for what others have because each and every person was created with different passions that flow fluidly together. Mid-speech there was a boisterous crowd that manifested directly in front of Jake's preaching. It turns out that the richest man in Taiwan, who is also running for president, (and also met President Trump last week), was being prayed over by the Taitung government. So we got to meet him, and get a photo with him. (He's worth $11 billion usd).

This experience and our time here has shown that we are incredibly blessed to be in the presence of kind people and such overwhelming beauty here in Taiwan. But more than anything the blessing lies in being able to bless those around us, and through it all God gives us more blessings and a plethora memories with people we love. Thank you Jesus.