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A lot has happened in the past seven months. My last blog post was June 2017 so I am just a little bit overdue for another one….

Taking it back to August 2017..

Going home last summer was a great time for Jake and I. Our original plans in going home were just to spend some time with family for a month or so. BUT after getting engaged in June in Australia, we decided it would make the most sense to plan to have our wedding during the time that we would already be in Canada. We picked a date, my dad found the perfect venue and my mom went straight into wedding planner mode   I am forever grateful for my moms great planning skills, especially when we only had 4 months to prepare for the wedding. We arrived back in Canada at the beginning of August and finally settled in after being very jet-lagged the first couple of days. I got to show him where I grew up and made sure he got to see all the greatest parts of Vancouver. Not to mention, Jake finally got to meet my family in person for THE FIRST TIME after one year of getting to know them over Skype. So as you can expect, he was feeling the pressure! But, of course there were no expectations on him and my parents already loved him from the very beginning. It was a really busy two months before we got married, between spending as much time as I could with my family, and putting everything together for the wedding it went by insanely fast!

And just like that, I am a married women. It was the most beautiful, and perfect wedding I could have ever dreamed of.

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