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The End of an Era
July 21,2020

Hey everyone! I’m sure that most of you know that Jake and I are back in Canada, finally! Our flights were with Philippine Airlines originally and we had hope they would fly on May 17th as I mentioned in my previous post. Obviously that didn’t happen, so we re-booked with that airline one more time for June 1st. When June came around, again, we had no luck and they were just continuing to postpone their flights.

So near the end of June we realized it just wasn’t going to happen and we had to look at our other options. We came to the decision to book with a different airline and pay a bit of extra money for it, which is what we didn’t want to do if we didn’t have to, but at this point, we felt it was necessary.

July 9th rolled around and we are on our way to the airport! Almost didn’t think we would make it home because at every layover I thought I was gonna poop myself from stress. Here’s why…we had 4 large checked suitcases plus Jake’s guitar, 2 large hiking backpacks, four carry on bags and 2 backpacks for personal items. Two of our suitcases were over weight and we prayed we wouldn’t have to pay extra for Jake’s guitar (only allowed 2 checked bags each). In Brisbane, the lady told us we would have to pay a $200 fee for Jake’s guitar, we had to re-pack our overweight suitcases AND my carry on luggage was too large for the plane (to which I kindly replied, “hmmm no, I think it’ll be fine”) #stressed. As we re-packed our suitcases I was trying not to freak out but I’m pretty sure it still showed on my face. The lady then went and talked to a supervisor and when she returned,  told us that she helped us out and marked our guitar as a walking stick and we wouldn’t have to pay for it! We got our suitcases down to the allowed weight and when we got on the plane they didn’t care about the size of my carry on. Thank you Jesus. Now it was a matter of getting our luggage through the Sydney Airport and the San Francisco Airport.

We are at the Sydney Airport and we have to pick up all our luggage before the next flight. They also charge for the trolley’s so we somehow managed to transport all our luggage without one. We wait one hour for the T bus which takes you to the international terminal and at this point we have one more hour left until our flight leaves, #stressed. At the check in desk, she tells us we can take the guitar as a carry on (this way we wouldn’t have to pay for it). Jake then has to compact his things from his hiking backpack (carry on) into his suitcases, which then made the suitcases overweight. Thankfully, she let it slide. We managed to get to the plane on time and they didn’t care about the size of our carry on bags. Thank you Jesus.

Now at the San Francisco Airport. We have to pick up all our luggage once again, we go through security and don’t have to check in this time! We do the baggage drop without any problems and pray that we can take the guitar as a carry on again, even though this plane will be much smaller than the last one. We get on the plane and the overhead compartments were large enough to fit our guitar! Finally I can relax. Until my stomach starts to hurt and I feel sick the entire flight. Great.

Landed in Vancouver, they told us to quarantine or we’re gonna get fined a million dollars or three years in jail….. okay, cool.

Annnnnnd we’re home! Long story short, Jesus came through despite all the #stress!

Looking back on those last 3 months in Australia, when we were supposed to be in Canada, I am actually thankful that we were stuck in Australia and I know that God had reason and purpose for us during that time. Even though it did feel like a weird limbo stage, Jake and I were still able to serve the base.  I continued to help with the Admin department and Jake was able to finish/help with maintenance projects around the base. We were able to spend more time with our friends and as restrictions eased in Australia, we were able to get together in larger groups over time, and eventually when restrictions eased to gatherings of 100 on July 3rd, we were able to have a proper goodbye party with everyone at YWAM Gold Coast. It was definitely a sad and difficult time of saying goodbye to all our friends, people who have journeyed with us for the past 4-5 years, people who have become family. We are going to miss Australia, but mostly we will miss the people. We are so thankful for the adventures, the outreaches, the lectures, the DTS’s, the challenges, the experiences (good and bad), the growth, the relationships, the salvation’s, and our God who called us to YWAM Gold Coast 4/5 years ago, and for our lives that are forever changed because of it.

I was more lost than I’ve ever been when I came to YWAM Gold Coast 4 years ago and I had a lot to learn about myself and about what it means to have a relationship with God. It’s actually crazy to think about where my life would be if I had never stepped outside of my comfort zone and got on that plane 4 years ago to do my DTS. I would have never met my husband, never would have got to experience Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Taiwan. Never would have grown in confidence and leadership, never would have met some of the most amazing people from around the world, never would have seen the miracles, salvation’s & healing’s that God did, and never would have stepped into my calling as a Daughter of Christ. It’s so hard to put my experience from YWAM into words. All I can say to sum it up, is that I’m thankful.

We are so SO thankful for the support we’ve gotten over the years. Jake and I were able to live in Australia based solely on the financial support from our friends and family back at home. Because of all the support we received, we’ve been able to have our own car, rent our own place, go on these amazing trips overseas to reach the lost & preach the gospel. We’ve been able to lead and disciple people from all over the world and have seen lives changed and transformed by the gospel! To everyone who has donated to us over the years, whether it was a big or small amount, one time donation or monthly, we can’t thank you enough and it is so hard to express our gratitude in words! There are a few family & friends (you know who you are) including Pacific Community Church, who have contributed consistently over the years and we just want to acknowledge you and express our gratitude to you all! Thank you! We could not have experienced or followed Gods calling on our lives without you!

And now, we move on to the next chapter of our lives in Canada. Our quarantine is done in a couple of days and as we begin to look for jobs we have peace knowing that God will open those doors for us. We continue to pursue Gods call on our lives and for now, that means we are living in BC for awhile. But who knows, when you live a life of obedience to the Lord, you could end up anywhere. There is a lot of unknown but it’s so worth it. And at the end of the day, all we have to do is say YES.

Love: Jake & Courtney Klassen