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Hey everyone, this will be my last update before I head off with my team to go on outreach!

Basically what that will look like will start with one week in the Outback, we leave on Saturday at 9 am for a 5 hour road trip. While there we will be helping in kids ministries and also getting to know the people there and hanging out with them in their community while praying for them and sharing Gods love. Then we will be heading to Fiji for three and a half weeks where we will get to help the people there in restoring their lives after the cyclone that hit their homes while being a light for them and bringing the gospel to these people. After Fiji we will go to Vanuatu for the last three and a half weeks and possibly be helping out with building water tanks and just sharing Gods love with these people and bringing them deeper into a relationship with Him. I'm really excited for outreach and I can't wait to apply what I've learnt in lecture phase and live out Gods commission! Select here to read more