Taya Vantol
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Monday Night Cafe (MNC) is a place where some of Cloverdale's financially struggling residents and homeless can make themselves at home for a couple of hours.  They are served a warm meal, coffee and usually some tasty treats. 

Now that the Cloverdale Community Kitchen has had it's final approval and permits approved, Monday Night Cafe is back up-and-running.  This means that we are looking for individuals and groups to be a part of this ministry at Pacific!

The commitment is small.  You can help by serving food, preparing food, doing set-up or clean-up, or just come and share a meal and have a conversation to build relationships.

MNC really needs male volunteers as we aim to provide, not just a warm meal, but also a safe environment for the diners and volunteers. 

Is your Emmaus Group looking for a service opportunity?  Maybe your group could take a Monday every 8 weeks?

Like to cook and want to use our new kitchen equipment?

Feel intimidated to cook a meal, but have some muscles to take down tables and wash dishes?

Contact Gloria Fraser ASAP if you are interested in hearing more!  (604) 574-4001 ext 108 or [email protected]