Shelley Petrunia
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YWAM Gold Coast is about to run our October DTS, which will be our biggest DTS to date! Our houses will be full. This means that we are going to be taking a new step of faith by renting our own place which we've just been approved for. A cheap and convenient granny flat! We’re super excited as we’ve only lived in community housing with up to 16 people so far as a couple. This allows space for more students to join DTS and be discipled to go out and impact the world for The Kingdom of God. This will also be our first home as a married couple, allowing us to invest more into our marriage; and lead us into a deeper level of faith in God the Provider!

We’ve gotten most of our donations needed for initial fees. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated. Such a blessing!

Courtney and I already work part time on top of a full week with YWAM. We are close to our needed monthly income. Consider supporting us! Only 5 people at $50/month and we’d be at our goal.

God bless!
Jake & Courtney Klassen

- $250/monthly support (Only 5 supporters at $50/month or 10 at $25/month)
-$2000 for initial fees (Deposit/Bond/Basic Furniture & Appliances)

Click the link below for tax deductable donations. (one-time donations or monthly automatic withdrawal) Use giving code KJ24