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Read the latest update below, written by one of the students on Courtney & Jakes outreach team as they head out today for the Outback!!


You have called me higher, You have called me deeper, and I will go where you will lead me, Lord.

The Time Has Come 

Hello to our family, friends, mentors, neighbours, and everything in between. My name is Sarah and I will be writing to you on behalf of my lovely team. 

 If you are following along to this newsletter, chances are you have a little bit of an idea of what has been going on with our team and the adventure that we are about to go on. Regardless, it would be my pleasure to briefly sum up these last four months, although I know my words cannot truly do them justice. 

 Nearly four months ago, this group that you see pictured above all arrived to the Gold Coast as strangers, all with different hopes and dreams and expectations of what the next six months would hold, but also all with the common goal of falling deeper in love with Jesus. And that is what holds us together. You see, we might be the most diverse group of people that I have ever been a part of. We all have different interests and hobbies, different styles, different personalities, we came from different backgrounds and countries, but despite our differences, we all have this one thing in common and that is our love for Jesus.

 Fast-forward to where we are now and you can see in the picture above: a family. A group of people that have lived life together, learnt together, discipled one another, and pushed one another to be better. We have learnt countless things about ourselves and have found so much freedom in who we are and who God created us to be. I think I can speak for my entire team when I say that these past four months have been challenging and involved a lot stepping out and being bold and vulnerable, but  because of that, they have been so so rewarding. For many, walls that were built up prior to DTS were broken down, lies that were believed were overcome by truth, and personal strengths and gifts were discovered. We have grown in more ways than we thought were possible and have been pushed further than we though we would. And as this time on the Gold Coast comes to an end, we are excited for the ways that God is going to use us and continue to transform us. 

 In just a few short days, we will be hitting the road and starting off the outreach portion of our DTS. We will be spending two weeks in the Outback of Australia, followed by four weeks in and around Alotau, Papua New Guinea. We are very nervous and excited as this long awaited journey has come so near. We will be sure to keep you updated as these next two weeks in the Outback unfold.




Prayer Requests

 -Safe travels as we drive to the Outback

-Against any kind of sickness as a few members if the team are sick right now. We would love to be in full health as we are away.

-That nerves would be calm as we experience new things.

-That we as a team would be unified and build each other up

-That through everything, we would give glory to God; because without Him, we wouldn't have made it here



Thank you so much for walking alongside us in this journey. Without the continued support from our communities back at home, we wouldn't be where we are now.

 Sending lots of love, 

 Jake, Courtney, Willy, Tim, Sarah, Asia, Natalya, Adri, Gabe, Emma, and Eli