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Pastor Jon and the Board of Elders have been in the process of planning out, in detail, what PCC needs for staffing.  As you know, we have been without a Children's Pastor for some time now.  PCC has strong family values, so we want to make the hiring of a Pastor of Family Ministries our top priority.  As well, we will be looking at hiring a new youth pastor as we see Pastor Prince transition into the role of Associate Pastor.   After months of planning and prayerful consideration, PCC is happy to announce the following staffing changes:  

Associate Pastor: Pastor Prince has been our Youth, Young Adults & Community Life Pastor since beginning his Ministry at PCC.  He has always had a great love for our youth and his commitment to this Ministry has always been so very much appreciated.   Following Pastor Prince’s ordination, Pastors Jon and Prince have agreed to adjust Pastor Prince's areas of ministry focus moving forward.  Pastor Prince will be transitioning out of his role as Youth Pastor and will moving into an Associate Pastor Role, working alonside of Pastor Jon in the leading of the church.  Pastor Prince will continue to lead Young Adults and will be giving oversight to community life, preaching regularly, overseeing prayer ministry and leading PCC in evangelistic efforts.   Pastor Prince's love for the youth has not changed and he will continue to work with the youth right up to the Fall.  Until a new youth pastor is hired, Pastor Prince will continue to oversee the youth, along with the amazing volunteers he has had the privilege to work with over the past few years.  

Pastor of Family Ministries: We will be hiring a Pastor of Family Ministries to oversee the Children (newborn to Grade 4).  Pacific is a church that values Life Together. For us Life Together means the church is growing as a family of God with all generations belonging and participating. The Pastor of Family Ministries will be called to join us in this pursuit and to lead us in ways that help build that identity at Pacific. The Pastor of Family Ministries will advocate for and provide shepherding to the children of PCC. They will also help parents in their primary role as spiritual care givers.   As we begin the process of searching for this person, please be in prayer that God will bring the right person to our congregation. PCC values our kids - we value our families!     

Youth Pastor: PCC will be looking for a youth pastor (Grades 5-7 preteens and youth Grades 8-12).  The YP will seek to be a guiding voice in the life of our teenagers, discipling them to grow into the men and women God has called them to be.   

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Jon or Pastor Prince.