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Are you familiar with THE CHOSEN? If you’re unfamiliar with it, THE CHOSEN is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus, seen through the eyes of those who knew Him. Set against the backdrop of Jewish oppression in first-century Israel, the seven-season show shares an authentic and intimate look at Jesus's revolutionary life and teachings.

Everyone who has seen an episode of THE CHOSEN will tell you it’s an excellently produced show featuring top-tier talent, incredible writing, and an authentic, historically accurate set. It’s widely available and free of charge to everyone. But what sets it apart is that ultimately, THE CHOSEN is a tool for people to experience Jesus for themselves. It presents unique opportunities for fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, and prayer in a way we haven’t seen before.

The vision of the Big Church Binge is to have congregations across Canada - and around the world - gather together and invite their community to catch up on Season 3 this Fall and Winter in preparation for Season 4 releasing in theatres across Canada in February 2024!

We are encouraging our congregation and Growth Groups here at PCC to watch episodes together, weekly, with discussion and prayer afterwards. Our prayer is that an incredible number of people will experience Jesus for the first time, or see their faith renewed. May it be all for His Glory. For more info and resources visit the website here!

How Do I Access the Episodes?