What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are small groups that help us grow in Christ and in community with each other.  And we, as a pastoral staff, are committed to providing avenues for every person in our church to connect with others...even through these unprecedented days!

How can we meet during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Through this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been reminded that Pacific Community Church is not just a building.  And our Growth Groups are not just home groups.  We are a community of people on a journey together - growing stronger in our faith in Jesus - learning to love deeper - learning to be more like Him.  Whether you are new to the Christian Faith or have been walking with Jesus for a very long time, we have a place for you!  

We are a community
whether we meet in a building or online 

As a community, we want to continue to stay connected.  At this time, we are encouraging all of you stay connected with each other through virtual gatherings via Zoom. 

Instructions:  Download the Zoom App

It's not too late to join a Growth Group! 

Contact Pastor Prince at prince.thomas@pacificcommunity.ca to get set up virtually!  It is our new norm and it is a great way to continue learning and growing and supporting each other.  

Interested in leading a group?

If you are interested in leading a virtual Growth Group, please contact Pastor Prince at prince.thomas@pacificcommunity.ca or register here to lead a group!