The Missional Team

The Missional Team meets monthly to oversee the missional activities of Pacific. We don't do all the work, but we seek to facilitate a culture where mission can happen freely and effectively. We listen to new ideas. We consider new ministry initiatives. We evaluate how we can support partners. We help fundraise for leading initiatives. We support and direct funds to what we sense is necessary and important at the time.  Over the years we have supported numerous missionaries, helped launch ministries like the Mt Currie trips and Cloverdale Community Kitchen.

We work with a lot of partners throughout our ministries. There are two kinds of partnerships. The first are organizations or individuals who we endorse after we have reviewed the ministry. Most often it is a ministry represented by a person in our Church. We pay special attention to those ones and want to encourage outstanding mission work whether it is local or global. We also have more substantial partnerships with organizations we believe will help us to achieve what we can't do alone. 

By the way, if you are looking to be part of a leading team at Pacific and you are a member of Pacific, we invite you to consider being part of our team. Contact Pastor Jim for more information.