A General Description of Life at Pacific

Everything about Pacific is relational and it should be. Each person is uniquely gifted and each person has a substantial part to play along with others. Our activity together is very formative and life giving since we believe that together we are part of the body of Christ - members connected to one another - in order to be the presence of Christ in the world.  


We welcome everybody to come Sundays and anything else we invite you to. You can be part of everything we do. Eventually, we hope you join in by becoming a volunteer in some area, perhaps lead others, perhaps become a member, who knows maybe even an elder or a pastor one day. It is all possible. It is all a journey. When you become part of a community who knows what will happen.


This is the largest group of people who help to make Pacific work by serving with teams of volunteers. Learn more about volunteering. This is where all leadership starts.


The frontline people who make most of everything happen at Pacific. They lead teams. They might be teaching children. They might be renovating a part of the building. They might be organizing an event. They could be leading a study. They could be leading Sunday worship. They might be keeping things organized. There are so many different kinds of leaders. We know you could be one too.  We will welcome you into all sorts of opportunities to equip you and guide you to being a blessing to others.


They are the 'hired' hands who serve as leaders in a diverse range of groups at pacific. Their primary task is to equip leaders and volunteers to be capable members who serve in a wide and expansive set of opportunities. Some teach. Some steward resources. All of them work together to guide the community to where we all believe God is leading us. 


Not everyone who attends Pacific is a member but every member is an attender. As you become more engaged in the life of Pacific and in particular when you become a leader in some way, we invite you to a more committed level of engagement where you can participate in the more significant decision making of the church.  It is both organizational and spiritual. In organizational terms, a member becomes part of the society responsible to elect board members, affirm financial decisions, be involved in congregational meetings and any other significant matters the church may need to address.  In spiritual terms,  you are indicating a deeper level of committed participation in the life of the church.  This is implicit in the process of baptism but it is reinforced by becoming a decision-making member of the church.


The Board of Elders oversee or govern the whole life of Pacific ensuring that the church is thriving with all that God has called us to. They are a group of between four and nine women or men voted in for three year terms by the official members of the congregation. They, along with the Lead Pastor, guide the church. They meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. Each time they meet they review the ministries of the church and primarily address how we as a community are living out God's mission and vision for the church.

The Board organizes at least two meetings a year to talk with the membership. When big decisions need to be made outside of the two meetings a special meeting is called. Learn more about membership.

  • Annual General Meeting (November). This is the time the membership gathers to select the Board. The membership is, ultimately, the governing body but it defers to elected board members to do the work that is too cumbersome for a large group to do well. Four big things happen at this meeting: (1) Election of Elders; (2) Election of the next year's nominating committee who recommend Elder candidates; (3) Review of annual financial review statements (September to August); (4) Report of ministries. 

  • The Budget Meeting (September). The Board presents a recommended budget to the membership for discussion and approval.