Who Can Request a Key

In order to help empower leaders to carry out their ministries we make keys available to people who make an official request and who abide by the rules and regulations of our building access policy. 

A Serious Responsibility

Having a access to our church building is a serious responsibility because of security and safety issues. Anyone requesting a fob and/or key must complete this “Building Access Request Form” (see bottom of page). All  requests must be approved by the church staff at their weekly staff meetings and may take up to two weeks to process. Fobs and keys may be picked up from the church office during regular office hours. Keys may not be duplicated, loaned out, or given to someone else (even if it is a church member taking over their position).

Fees Involved

There is a fee ($25 refundable deposit for PCC ministry personnel) for each set of keys issued. In order to receive a refund for the deposit, the key must be returned to the church office during regular office hours.


Contact Tracy Cudmore with your request or by e-mail if you have any questions.