Child Dedication

We like to dedicate our young newborns into the strength and faithfulness of God's good care. For parents who desire to acknowledge that their child is a gift of God and who seek to raise that child in the knowledge of God, we recommend a special ceremony to dedicate the child in a Sunday service. It is a touching service where the whole church, along with the parents, recognizes a shared commitment and responsibility to shape a welcome and nurturing community so that each child can grow strong into all that God intends for a redeemed humanity.

How does child dedication differ from infant baptism

Child dedication is unlike infant baptism in that we don't recognize this ceremony as a required sacrament/practice of the church like we do baptism. We practice what many call "believer's baptism" in which the person being baptised has expressed a committed desire to follow the ways of Jesus. For this reason, we await the expression of faith before we baptise an individual.

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