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DTS & Life Update // What's Next??

A lot has been happening in the past year, and there’s been many ups and downs but I’ve been learning so much. I’ve seen God be more of the Provider in my life, I’ve been relying on Him more and more, there’s been growth in my relationship with Jake and I’m being challenged more to step outside of my comfort zone.

Here is a bit of an update on the things God has been teaching me in my personal life, what’s been happening with DTS, and what our plans are next 

Journey of Self Discovery

In the past year I’ve been on a journey of discovering who God has made me to be and why I do the things I do, which is an important part of being a leader. I’ve discovered that I am very “Justice” orientated person, I see in black and white, right and wrong, and if I don’t agree with something, you probably wont be able to sway me. I also can be quite harsh on myself because I am a bit of a “perfectionist” and I like things to be done properly and with excellence. Understanding who I am has given me the ability to have more grace on myself and to be able to love myself more 

 I love being on this journey with Jake as we are continually discovering more about who we are and how we can continue to love each other well!

This past summer we went home to Canada for about three weeks to visit family and friends, which was a great time of rest and catching up with everyone! When we got back to Australia last August, we realized that it was time for Jake and I to move out of YWAM community housing and to get our own place, which has been amazing so far! (Shout out to everyone who made that possible!)

Another new transition that I’ve been going through since we got back last August has been learning more about what I am good at! For the past couple of years since being on staff at YWAM Gold Coast, I have been doing various things, but mainly I’ve been apart of our hospitality department when I am not staffing a DTS. This was something I was willing to be apart of to help out our base, but I had no heart or excitement for that area. I really wanted to be doing something where I felt like I was making an impact and something that I could be proud of / passionate about. Since last August, I have transitioned into being apart of our registration / administration department. I’ve been learning how to do things like answer emails / inquiries about DTS, this means I get to help answer their questions, give them info / insight on YWAM Gold Coast, pray for them, and help them apply for our DTS’s! After doing registrar for a little while, I discovered that I actually really enjoyed doing it, I found myself wanting to do this job with excellence because I really cared about it. I love doing this job because I can see the result of the work that I am putting in. The job that I am doing has an impact, if we didn’t have any registrars, we wouldn’t have people come to do our DTS’s and without the people, we can’t run DTS’s! I have discovered that admin / registrar is not only something I enjoy doing but something that I am good at as well. I have really been loving what I do here.


With that being said, we are officially five weeks into the second DTS that I’ve staffed! We have an amazing group of 15 students who are hungry and excited to learn more about God! It’s such a great opportunity to be able to walk alongside these people, to be able to encourage and pray for them and see how God works in their lives! I have a list of things that I’ve learnt from staffing my first DTS last year, and a list of things that I want to challenge myself in and areas I want to grow in! Just a few of those things include, hearing Gods voice and stepping out more, being intentional, making personal time with God a priority, and having more grace on myself and others! I am excited for the ways that God is going to stretch me in this next season.

In about 10 weeks, we leave for our outreach location! Jake and I will be leading a team of 8 students to Taiwan! We will be staying in a city called Taitung for 8 weeks, sharing the love of Jesus, stepping out in faith, and believing to see miracles happen! We want to see healings, salvation’s, baptisms and all of the above! I am beyond excited for this journey and to see what God is going to do through us. I don’t know much about Taiwan or the culture, but I do know that I’m going to have to brush up on my chopstick-using abilities or else I may come back looking a bit thinner (which might not be so bad).

What’s next?

Recently, Jake and I have been praying about the next steps that God has for us, specifically, do we come home to Canada for good, or does God want us to continue here at YWAM Gold Coast. After taking some time to pray, we both felt that God is calling us back to YWAM for another season after this summer. We are not sure what the specifics are yet (what are we doing or how long were staying) but we are trusting that God is going to reveal those things to us soon This summer Jake and I are wanting to visit home again for multiple exciting reasons! Jake’s sister is getting married in July, I am the maid of honor in my best friends wedding, and my sister is having her first baby!!! This means that Jake and I are believing in faith for approximately $3800 dollars for flights to get home. We are also believing for $1200 in expenses for Outreach and other things. In total we are believing for $5000!! This seems like a big number, but nothing is impossible for God

Right now, I am learning about God’s faithfulness. When we step out in obedience in what he is asking us to do, he is faithful to provide everything that we need. Not only in finances although that is a big part of it. Over the years I’ve seen God provide countless times for our finances, which means I shouldn’t worry about that at all anymore right? Well of course I’m human and I have my moments but when I look back at all the times I’ve been worried, there hasn’t been a time when God has let me down. Many of you have supported me over the years, whether that’s been financially or through prayer / encouragement, and I am forever grateful for all of you, for being on this journey with me and believing in what I do here!

With that being said, Jake and I would like to ask if you would pray and consider supporting us financially, this could be a one time donation or monthly support. Any amount is greatly appreciated! We are believing that we will be able to go home this summer and see our families, to be fully funded for our outreach and as well, to come back here and continue the mission that God is calling us too. Thank you for reading!!

How to Donate

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Again, a huge thank you to those who have/are supporting and partnering with us in everything we do here!!!

Lots of Love: