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Post written by DTS student ShaeLynn Suchor, May 4th/19

HELLO everyone! It's such a pleasure having you read and follow our mission. We're a bunch of YWAM students from the Gold Coast, Australia, that have been on a pursuit for Jesus' heart for quite some time now. Each of us has been sitting in lectures for 3 hours a day for 5 days a week for the last 3 months. It's been an edifying journey learning the depths of our Father, and how our lives matter in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our current adventure of DTS has come to an end and we're now in Taitung, Taiwan for our 8 week outreach phase. We'll be doing kids ministry, hosting events at the Rock Cafe, visiting schools, doing street evangelism, and getting involved with local churches in the area.

Taitung, Taiwan which is just as mountainous as Taipei, but less congested, and has cleaner air. After 17 hours of travel, including 10 hours of air time, we officially made it to Taitung on thursday, April 25th. The kickoff of being here has been so exotic and an absolute thrill. Starting strong with kids ministry on our first day, we played basketball with some of the funnest kids in Taitung.

After being here for only 2 days we celebrated the wonderful Michael, one of our DTS students, as he turned 20-years-old. This day was filled with planning, delicious food, cake, and watching The Avengers End Game.
Sunday came and we were jumping into ministry once again. Our team ended up leading the service at church with worship and testimonies. Eline and I, (ShaeLynn), shared our life stories with the congregation and then, as a custom, they had a chinese potluck style meal. (this happens once every 4 weeks)

Our free day, Monday, came around and beautiful Kristen turned 20-years-old. Her birthday was located in the middle of a clump of birthdays so, we decided to have a three-way birthday, day. It was pretty chill, but adventure filled, nonetheless. As a group, we biked to a man-made lake and went for a little dip. Afterwards exploring the city, and concluding the day with a scrumptious sushi train for dinner.
We donated our time on Tuesday to a soccer club for disabled children, and then the Rock Cafe. This cafe is designated to bring all types of people in for a fun time and good conversation. They offer free drinks to anyone, and a plethora of games to choose from. The day a whole was so fun, being able to play with the kids and meet new people.

Wednesday was our first full ministry day in Taiwan. This also happened to be my 20th birthday! In the morning we walked to a hospital that offered care for people on bed rest, the program fortunately is a Christian establishment and is called Genesis. Here we had the freedom to sing worship songs and pray over each individual, we were able to bring so much joy to the patients. Quickly after, we grabbed a bite to eat and relocated to the co-ed High School. WE HAD A BLAST with those students. The energy that they gave us was nothing-less-than electrifying. Their zeal for each event that we placed before them was incredible, as we asked questions, sang songs, and performed skits. That evening we finished the day strong with more cake to celebrate me leaving my teenage years.
By Thursday we were starting to grasp how to maneuver the city. We made it to an Elementary School, where we saw that even young Taiwanese students execute their projects perfectly. They had a few performances for us in english that were impeccable, the kids invested so much time into doing well in their skit. It showed us that we must be more invested in what we bring forth in our dramas. That evening, half of our team opened the Rock Cafe, while the others went to the local university. A lot of our ministry here is seeking and investing in relationships, thus far.

The next afternoon we mosied over to the Junior High School and lead out basketball club, alongside a fun day in a class. Playing games with some teenagers, was a blast and a half. We closed our day with pursuing relationships at the Rock Cafe and reaching out a hand to the locals in attempt to share the love of God.

The beginning of our escapade comes with a bang but, there are many more memories to be made, and many more opportunities to see God move. I hope this update has brought a smile to your face, knowing that we're applying everything we know to love on this city.