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Stemming from our desire to grow near to Jesus and to grow in faith as his disciples, we have launched a new ministry program called PCC U (PCC University). As the name suggests, PCC U is geared at providing events/seminars to help us grow as disciples of Jesus.

This fall grow spiritually through the following opportunities:

  • September 28th | Jon ImBeau | "Tell Them, I Am Sent You."
    (7PM - 9PM at Pacific Community Church) REGISTER HERE!

    How the Israelites learned who Yahweh is within the context of A.N.E. religions.

    In Exodus 3:14, the Hebrews learn that the God of their ancestors is named Yahweh. They have already learned about God, even before this ‘burning bush moment’, and they learn much more in the centuries following. At this time Israel’s journey with Yahweh has been within a context of very well-established and influential Ancient Near Eastern religions. At times, the followers of these faiths ruled over the Israelites and their religious culture influenced them greatly. Often the Israelites adopted or syncretized with these other religions, but the scriptures show us how Yahweh stands separate and above. In this seminar, we will look at the various religions of the A.N.E. and see how Yahweh showed his people that he is not like the gods of the world. He is who He is. He is Yahweh!

  • October | Mike Richardson | Crafting A Culture of Worship within the Context of Family
    REGISTER HERE! (Date & Time TBD)

    Recognizing that biblical worship is a lifestyle rather than an event, this PCCU course is a workshop that involves 3 sessions over the next 9 months. Dr. Mike Richardson and his wife, Kathy, will be the learning facilitators and Mike’s dissertation ,“Training Christian Parents as Family Worship Leaders,” will provide the foundation for this collaborative learning experience. The intent of this opportunity is to empower parents as they lead their children/grandchildren in experiencing worship as the fundamental reality of doing life together as a family of Christ-followers. Couples are required to both participate and single parents are also welcome. Attendance will be limited

  • November 19th | Carolyn Arends | Tools for Scripture Meditation
    (Time TBD | more info to come)