Join us each Sunday at 10 AM for our Worship Service!

As a church, we believe that God has called us to pursue intimacy with Him as we aim to make a lasting impact for Him in the world in our time and context. One of the primary avenues that God has blessed us with to continually grow in our faith and relationship with Him is through prayer. Considering this, our church has been and will continue to emphasize the centrality of assuming a prayerful heart and posture in all that we seek to do in Jesus’ name and for His fame in our society.

To deepen our awareness of the necessity of prayer and to encourage us to seek God prayerfully in our lives, we will be engaging in a summer preaching series entitled, PrayerA Beautiful Invitation Worth Pursuing. In our series of talks, we will explore multiple expressions of prayer that God makes available to us and we will address how we can cultivate prayerfulness in our families. We invite you to join us weekly as we respond to God’s invitation to dwell in His presence through prayer.

Our service is held in our sanctuary - the entrance is at the back of the building!


Tucked away at the end of 180th Street, off #10

5337 180th Street
Surrey, BC