Questions for Small Groups

On Sunday, June 21, we welcome Mike Richardson who will be kicking off our Summer Renewal Series with Renewal for Family: A Timely Drama

This is a 3 part series that will be aired over the next few weeks (June 28 & July 5).  Take a moment to look through the outline shown below.  As well, you will find a PDF attached to this sermon series - Questions to Consider.  Use these questions each time Mike speaks - they will take us a little bit deeper each time.

Re-Investigating the Beginning of Family

Scene 1 (Message 1 - June 21, 2020)
The Design of Family (Genesis 1-2)

Scene 2 (Message 2 - June 28, 2020)
The Defiance by Family (Genesis 3-4)

A few thousand years

Re-Imagining Family

Scene 3 (Message 3 - July 5)
Jesus’ Family of Birth

Scene 4 (Message 3 - July 5)
Jesus’ Family of Choice