Embraced by Christ; Embracing His World

By the Holy Spirit, we seek to be a worshipping and discipling community that embodies the vocal and visible presence of Jesus in our neighbourhoods and nations of the world through transforming relationships of love with God and one another.

Our worship of God shapes everything
that we seek to do

We are always learning to be the sort of people that participates in God's renewing work in our world. Rooted in our worship of God, we believe that we can be a community where:

            • Everyone can grow in Christ
            • Everyone can belong to Christ's community
            • Everyone can share Christ's story
            • Everyone can love their neighbour

These Four things are wrapped up in one thing - Worship

We believe that all of life is about who or what we worship. We worship the God who reveals himself to us as God the Father, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit. As we shape our story in the story and power of God it enables us to create a community where everybody can grow, belong, share, and love.  You could argue that all that we do seeks to boil down to one simple thing -- our joyful and grateful response to God's love for us.