Our Refugee Effort

We have sponsored two families in the last three years and we are in the process of sponsoring a third family who are arriving, we think, around April/May 2020. Details are still developing. It is a family of three with the youngest under a year old. They are Iranian, having escaped persecution, and now living in Turkey. They are being fast tracked to get to Canada after being approved by Canadian officials. We rejoice in this because there was great uncertainty about their status in Turkey and the fear of being returned to Iran where their lives are at risk.

A team has been established including Payam and Niloo, who we sponsored three years, who are now so capable to aid in this effort through translation, connections, and helpful resources.  We invite you to participate by helping out in the many different ways listed on the pages to the left.  

We are committed to raise $45,000 for the year of sponsorship. Join us in helping this family restart a life of hope and healing.