To BEHOLD something is to really take it in. We see things all around us and some of those cause us to stop and look deeply, to soak it in, to be in awe by what we see. The Kingdom of Heaven is one of those.

In Matthew’s gospel we are told that Jesus came preaching a message about the Kingdom of Heaven. He described it as a kingdom that had come, but He also taught us to pray for its coming. Jesus said the kingdom was more valuable than all you own and also said that only those who are like children will find it. Everyone around Jesus told Him a kingdom was of earth but Jesus described it as a spiritual kingdom. All through the gospel of Matthew, Jesus’ words and actions teach us that when it comes to the Kingdom of heaven, this is something for us to BEHOLD

In a world of challenge and questions, fighting and pain, the church is called by God to establish His kingdom and to present the broken world with something to BEHOLD. This Fall at Pacific, we will enter into the gospel of Matthew and walk thoughtfully through the teachings of Jesus on the Kingdom of Heaven. We will wait upon the Lord for His Spirit to teach us and direct us through challenging passages and wonderful truths.

Join us this Fall as we BEHOLD the Kingdom of Heaven.