The Sacred Journey

Here at Pacific, we deeply value Spiritual Formation, the work of the Holy Spirit transforming us into the character of Jesus Christ. One of the many ways we have practised this value has been through our devotion to the scriptures on Sunday mornings. Specifically, we have been digging into the book of Daniel to see how he was shaped by God in Babylon within the problematic context of living in exile. What of other women and men of the bible? How did they fair in their journey with God within the context they lived in? This summer we will continue in our Spiritual Formation value by looking at a different biblical character each week for insight into their journey with God. We want to ask WHY questions such as why they trusted in God, or why didn’t they? We also want to ask WHAT questions such as what was going on in their world making it so challenging to grow in God? Whom did God use to transform their lives? How has God used the journey of these biblical characters to shape our lives today? I hope that you will join us at Pacific this summer as we lean into the work of the Spirit to transform us into the likeness of the Son, Jesus.