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Will you join us for CNOY? 

CNOY takes place on February 25, 2023 and we are already in full swing for our biggest fundraiser!

CCK offers a place of safety and support to those struggling through poverty and homeless in Cloverdale and surrounding areas.  Your participation with CNOY will help us continue to: 

  • Serve 15,000+ delicious hot meals annually through our Community Meals
  • Fill hampers for over 600 struggling families in Cloverdale with our Christmas Hamper program
  • Provide a warm place to sleep for at risk guests, during winter, with our Extreme Weather Shelter program
  • Supply food through our food bank program
  • Deliver mobile meals to those unable to leave their home due to health issues or circumstances created by the global pandemic

Sign up today at: Please be sure to register under Cloverdale Community Kitchen (surrey/cloverdale) and start your team and fundraising today!  All those who raise over $150 will be eligible for a free CNOY 2022 touque!

Alternatively, If you would like to join the PCC Team (Warehouse Wanderers) are if you are not able to join us but would like to donate to this fundraiser, please do so at: (Team PCC) Warehouse Wanderers

Thanks for your participation and support for CCK!