We are going through the THINK ORANGE curriculum - designed to teach our kids that the number one priority in life is to LOVE God!

We have classes for 2-3 years olds, 4-5 year olds & Grades 1-4! 

Starting in September, children age 3 will be joining our age 4/5 class in the Toddler Room regularly.  Children age 2 and under will be joining our Nursery (We will be restocking the Nursery with toys and ‘Bible Big Books’ to ensure our infant to age 2 kids continue to feel engaged and included!). 

Our nursing mother's room and nursery will be open and available to use under parental supervision.


Also, there are loads of parent resources in RightNow Media!! If you have not yet signed up for free access to RightNow Media, you can find more details here.

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For the month of August, our Age 2-5 kids will be learning how ‘God made me wonderful!’  We are God’s most wonderful creation because we are made in His image.  We are His masterpiece, not because of us but because of WHO made us!

Here are the weekly teaching points for our Pre-Kinder and Kinder kids:
Week 1:  God made everything, and God made you.
Week 2:  I am wonderfully made.
Week 3:  I am wonderfully made in God’s image
Week 4:  I am important to God.

Children in grades 1-4 will be introduced to the story of Scripture: ’God’s Epic Love Story.’

We’ll be ‘unpacking’ these weekly themes:
Week 1:  The Bible tells the big story of God’s love for the world.
Week 2:  The story of Creation: God made the world out of love, and we can share that love by caring for each other.
Week 3:  The Fall: God loves us no matter what (and because of His love, He rescued us through Jesus).
Week 4:  God chooses Abram: God had a plan to show His love to the world through Abram’s family and through Jesus!  God’s plans are still true today.


"I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14 NIV


"Here is what love is. It is not that we loved God. It is that he loved us and sent his Son to give his life to pay for our sins." 1 John 4:10 NIrV

Volunteers and Parents, please see the information given in the PCC Guidelines for Classrooms below and/or in the document here.  It provides some clarity on what you and your children can anticipate while they are at Children's Ministry. 

·         Safety, security, wellbeing, and consistency is our priority.

·         We maintain volunteer to child ratio, and there will always be 2 volunteers in the room.

·         All volunteers over age 12 have cleared a criminal record check and received SARM training.

·         Older children volunteering in the classroom have been approved by a Pastor, they are not included in the ratio and will not be left alone with the child.

·         Parents may stay with their child for the first time in the class to see how our programs run. We have a special welcome procedure to introduce new children with their parents.

·         The volunteers in the room are there to provide a fun, interactive, and meaningful church experience for the children. Their focus is the children.

·         This space is part of our community. It is built on trust and has been created to foster their emotional and spiritual growth. It is a place where your family can learn trust others outside your family.

·         Parents that need to be with their child during service may do so in the sanctuary or the foyer. Adults not on the schedule create an unbalance in the ratio, and it can be unsettling for the other children and parents. Please see a volunteer or staff prior to church service starting as we may have some coloring available.

·         Should your child cry and cling to you, our volunteers are comfortable with supporting you so that you can leave. This is how we will do so with strategies such as:

  Reassure that their personal space and feelings will be respected, and an adult will sit beside them to connect with them.
-  Ask you how long you are comfortable letting them cry before we call you back.
-  At the end of the service they may provide feedback and be available to answer questions.
-  In cases where your child needs you after you’ve left (such as bathroom needs, overwhelmed, etc.) we will page you on the screen.

*The infant and toddler room is for ages 0-2 years. This is the room where parent participation is permitted. We do encourage parents to leave their child as the adult-child ratio is low and the volunteers in that room have been gifted with baby soothing abilities. Should you wish to stay in that room, please let the volunteer know so that they have the choice of going into service. When there are more adults than children in the room, it can be unsettling.

At any time you have questions or feedback, please contact Pastor Paula at paula.kaburia@pacificcommunity.ca

Should you have any concerns that the above is not being followed, we do appreciate the feedback. These guidelines are in place so that all feel welcome here.  

Thank you!