We will begin our NEW YEAR of Sunday school on January 23rd! 

We have classes for 2-3 years olds, 4-5 year olds and Grades 1-4!  As well, our nursing mother's room, nursery and preschool rooms will be open and available to use under parental supervision.

We are going through the THINK ORANGE curriculum - designed to teach our kids that the 
number one priority in life is to LOVE GOD

Christmas is the biggest birthday celebration of all time because of Jesus. But we don’t have to save the celebrating for only Christmas and Easter. We can celebrate Jesus every day. As we move from the excitement of Christmas and the wonderful truth that God gave us Jesus, we can remember to never stop celebrating Jesus as we head into a NEW YEAR and a NEW THEME for the next few weeks!


This January, we’ll take a look at some of the MOST important things Jesus taught his followers during his time on earth. For example,  we’ll look at a story Jesus told about a man who needed help. He told this story because Jesus teaches us important things. The man was robbed and beaten and left by the side of the road. He needed help, but sadly, two people who could have helped walked right on by. Then a Samaritan man came along but unlike the first two men, he decided to stop and help. He bandaged the man’s wounds and took him to an inn where he could recover. By telling this story, Jesus teaches us to help others, no matter what. What a privilege it is to share that same story with our preschoolers, because Jesus teaches me important things.

You can watch the preview video here as we explore our new theme “Story Time”.
Preschoolers will learn to say, “Jesus teaches me important things!” 

"The crowds were amazed at His teaching." Matthew 7:28, NIV


 This month, we’re talking to our kids about self-control which is choosing to do what you should even when you don’t want to. As adults, we feel this too. We know doing what you want comes naturally. Doing what you should do, well, that requires a little more effort. Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us on our own. When it comes to doing the right thing, the thing we should do, God is with us. Let’s help our kids understand that when their self-control is tested, they aren’t alone. They can be ready to do the RIGHT thing because God is on their side

You can watch the preview video here as we explore our new theme “REMOTE CONTROL, the choice is yours!"
The kids will learn to say, “Be ready to do the right thing.” 

"God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life."2 Peter 1:3a, NIrV

Please be in prayer as we continue to seek God's leading for a Family Ministries Pastor!

NOTE:  February 20th - no classes for Family Day long weekend
March 20th - no classes for Spring Break