Church Community Builder - CCB

We use a tool to help Pacific connect, communicate, serve and build community - it's our online connection to you.  This web-based church management solution, called Community Church Builder (CCB) helps us keep all of our people information in one place and keep you connected as well as empower you in your ministry groups.  As members & attendees, you benefit from greater engagement and an improved sense of belonging.  

Request a Password

Once we have your basic contact info, you can request a password and manage your profile.  Update your profile information and a picture as well as your privacy & communication settings so that you can stay connected.  Looking for a church directory?  This is it! 

Safe and Secure

CCB is not only easy to use, it's extremely safe and secure.  The Security of YOUR data is taken very seriously both by Pacific Community Church and CCB. If you would like more information on CCB's security protection, we are happy to send you a copy.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our database or how to use it, or to request a password, please contact the church office here!