As you know, our world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, we are following the guidelines from Prime Minister Trudeau and the World Health Organization and we will not be gathering together in large groups until we have clearance to do so.  Pastor Prince will be moving the meetings to online - through Zoom or Skype.  Stay tuned - contact Pastor Prince for more details.  Please keep praying!


Though grade 8s have something on Sundays the rest of our high schoolers are encouraged to engage in the church community at large, both attending and serving. The purpose of this ministry is to continue to grow in knowledge and faith and learn how to live that out. Each Thursday this group meets at the church from 7-9pm, though it sometimes pushes past 9 if conversations are flowing. Our regular youth night include playing games, singing a few songs of worship, hearing God's Word, and then we split into small groups to debrief what was shared and about our lives in general. Thursday nights are a great place to have fun, build relationships and grow in faith.


The first Thursday of every month our group makes a meal (directed by some outstanding volunteers). We meet at 6:30, instead of 7pm, share a meal, and then play games and hang out. This is a more low key night, and is a great way to get connected if you have never been to a Thursday night. Bringing $2 helps us pay for the meal, though if the money stops you from going, don’t worry about it! Let us know if you have allergies, we can work with that…

Retreats/Conferences - STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS

Getting away is an essential part of ministry. Twice a year we get away and do something different. At the end of September we have our Fall Retreat. This is a great way to start the year with a bang. We go to Camp Kawkawa outside of Hope, and spend the weekend in nature, having fun together and diving into God’s Word. When we aren’t together students have the opportunity to go swimming, shoot bows and arrows, or play a bunch of fun games. If you are new, this is a must! In the spring we go to Calgary for Legacy Youth Conference at Ambrose University. This conference has been running for over 50 years, and is aimed at helping students go deeper in their faith. This is for students in grades 10-12. It typically happens over the first weekend of Spring Break.


Our youth serve. We continually have a solid group that serves all over our church, with kids, with tech, on worship teams, and with other events our church hosts. We are not only focused locally but are also engaged in cross-cultural missions. In 2014 we were able to go down to Mexico and partner with a family who needed a house. 2017 we started a relationship with a summer camp for First Nations kids near Mt. Currie. These opportunities help our students really encounter Jesus in a new way, and from a different perspective.