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How the Israelites learned who Yahweh is within the context of A.N.E. religions.

In Exodus 3:14, the Hebrews learn that the God of their ancestors is named Yahweh. They have already learned about God, even before this ‘burning bush moment’, and they learn much more in the centuries following. At this time Israel’s journey with Yahweh has been within a context of very well-established and influential Ancient Near Eastern religions. At times, the followers of these faiths ruled over the Israelites and their religious culture influenced them greatly. Often the Israelites adopted or syncretized with these other religions, but the scriptures show us how Yahweh stands separate and above. In this seminar, we will look at the various religions of the A.N.E. and see how Yahweh showed his people that he is not like the gods of the world. He is who He is. He is Yahweh!

This two-hour class has been split into three audio files. Parts 1a, 1b and Part 2 can be accessed below. Download the PowerPoint that goes along with this course here as well.