This document provides Pacific Community Church’s Growth Groups with a list of potential resources that are available for them to consider using as study/discussion material(s).    

Sermon Based Growth Groups
What is it?

Sermon Based Growth Groups (or small groups) have been around for a while. It is a simple idea that makes the most of your time when you meet as a small group (5 to 12) of people who gather weekly or every two weeks to meetup, pray, learn, and support one another as we seek to grow into maturity in Christ.

The success of a Sermon Based Growth Group will be dependent on how everybody in the group helps to make the group a success. We don't think that one person should do all the work. The person asking the questions can change from week to week. We expect that there will be a make-it-happen type of person who will be the primary contact connecting the group to the church’s leadership and ensuring everybody else is connected and communicating.

What themes/topics are covered in Sermon Based Growth Groups?
Sermon Based Growth Groups, as the name suggests, dive into Pacific’s weekly preached messages as the primary source of the group’s study/discussion material(s).

What is a potential format that may be employed by a Pacific Sermon Based Growth Group?

·         Welcome – maybe a bit of food/drink  (5-10 min).
·         Check In – How is everybody doing? (10-15 min).
·         Pray (1 min).
Read Text – read key text from the sermon (2 min).
Discuss sermon questions together (35-45 min).
Share prayer requests and pray together (15-20 min).
Highlight the plans for the next gathering (5 min).
Fellowship – Talk and finish the food (10-15 min).
Clean up – demonstrate kindness/gratitude to hosts (5-10 min).
·         Total Time (88-123 min)

What's included?
Sermon Based Growth Groups at Pacific are given access to:
·         Recordings of Pacific’s weekly sermons (video and audio). Sermon discussion questions prepared by Pacific’s pastoral team.

Where can I access the resources?
To access Pacific’s Sermon Based Growth Group weekly sermons and discussion questions, click here. 

*During the summer months, weekly discussion questions will be on hold and will resume in September!