RightNow Media

What is RightNow Media?
RightNow Media is an online video streaming service that provides churches with on-demand biblical content to share with their members. To sum it up, it’s like the Netflix® of Bible study videos. RightNow Media’s subscribers are granted access to thousands of video resources to help with parenting, marriage, discipleship, and so much more. With content for all ages and stages of life, RightNow Media’s HUGE library of faith-based videos can be accessed whenever and wherever you want — on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.

What is included in RightNow Media’s Library?
When churches subscribe to RightNow Media, their members gain access to over 20,000 biblical videos that can be used for:
·         Sunday school
·         Home/small groups
·         Men’s groups
·         Women’s groups
·         Youth groups
·         Kid’s ministry  

RightNow Media helps churches to resource their people 24/7 with biblical content that encourages individuals, families, and leaders in their ministry.

RightNow Media Trailer
Check out this RightNow Media official trailer.

Where can I access the contents?
In the next day or two, you will see an invitation link in your email inbox requesting you to join RightNow Media through Pacific and I encourage you all to take the time to sign up.  If you don't receive an email invitation over the next couple of days, please let Pastor Prince know and we will work on getting you access to this great platform. Contact Pastor Prince at prince.thomas@pacificcommunity.ca

Explore RightNow Media’s vast library of resources by clicking here.