Sanctuary Course

 What is the Sanctuary Course?
The Sanctuary Course is an eight-week study guide for small groups. Each week participants will gather together, read through the content out loud or listen to it on audiobook, watch a film, and engage in conversation, reflection, and prayer. With a free subscription, the course is available for you and your group.

What themes/topics are covered in the Sanctuary Course?
- Over the course of eight sessions, your group’s participants will:
- Explore the intersection of faith and mental health
- Expand their understanding of mental health and mental illness
- Examine the effects of stigma
- Define the principles and processes of recovery
- Reflect on the importance of companionship
- Learn about self-care
- Discuss next steps for their community

How to use The Sanctuary Course in a group setting?
The Sanctuary Course can be run by anyone who has experience facilitating small groups. The course material does not require you to have any special knowledge about mental health; it only requires that you possess a willingness to create a safe space for conversation and learning.

Additionally, after subscribing (and an account is auto generated for you, if it is your first subscription), the materials will be available when you log in to your account. Group leaders can distribute the materials to your participants by emailing the PDFs to them or encouraging them to create accounts themselves.

Participants can view PDFs on their iPads, phones, or laptops. Some participants may choose to print the materials on a home printer or have them professionally printed. Our church might also decide to print the coursebook for all your participants.

The Sanctuary Course is intended to be read, processed, and responded to in community. This means that each session can be read together out loud during the small group time. Leaders, invite participants to take turns reading and then pause to talk about the discussion questions.

However, groups that meet online are encouraged to complete the reading outside of the group time and spend more time on the discussion questions and reflection activities when they meet. Decide as a group what works best for you.

What's included?
The sessions include informative reading, discussion questions, reflection exercises, and prayers. Compelling films featuring people of faith who have journeyed through mental health challenges accompany each session.

In addition to the coursebook and films, the subscription includes access to facilitator and participant guides, an audiobook version of the course, and resources and best practices for hosting online meetings. Facilitating or participating in 
The Sanctuary Course requires no previous mental health training or expertise; it is for anyone who wants to learn more about faith and mental health.

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Where can I access the resources?
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