Our vision is for all families in Haiti to have access to education and have sufficient income to be able to provide for their family’s essential needs. We will work towards our vision by coming alongside families, and family units, in practical ways.




Change is possible!

Our passion is to come alongside families to strengthen them and empower them to build their capacity in sustaining ways. We recognize that change takes time and too often a child's education is cut short when the family has minimal resources.

You can come alongside a family, and help them achieve financial sustainability, by sponsoring their child to attend Elementary School, High School or Post-Secondary Education.

A sponsored child will have their tuition and fees paid, and be provided with their required text books. Families are encouraged to participate in the education process by providing uniforms, supplies and transportation (when necessary). We believe it is important for families to be part of the process and if they are not financially able, they will be encouraged to participate in our Small Business Loan program.

The cost of sponsorship varies depending on the level of education:

Elementary School: $30/month

High School: $40/month

Post-Secondary: minimum $50/month (depending on career path)




Friends & Family at PCC, thank you so much for the positive response to our virtual Missional Moment in March! Your generosity resulted in several students being sponsored as well as a few donations to our General Fund & our Small Business Loan program. We appreciate each new partnership very much!

Here is a bit about what has been happening lately...    
We released our latest Small Business Report (2021 - Quarter 1). This issue highlights a story about a creative business idea that turned a side yard into a cinema theatre. It also included a powerful update about our first loan recipient, Obama, and the impact his business has made on his life already.  Click HERE to view the report. 

We sent updated school pictures to sponsors. The students take great pride in these pictures and love to help choose the final version.

We have a new scholarship student!
Our Scholarship Program gives High School graduates the opportunity to pursue post secondary education.

Neagela has been interested in fashion for as long as she can remember and she blames her twin sister, Nagelie, for fostering her passion. Nagelie was always late and often needed help getting ready so Neagela got used to planning her outfits & deciding how to braid her hair. She became good at it quickly and has learned to enjoy it. Neagela is so good at braiding hair that she has been able to make some money over the past few years doing it. Naegela has already taken courses on braiding hair and doing nails, and she’s hoping to compliment those skills with the rare skill of doing professional makeup. She will be taking a four month certificate program. This combination of skills will allow Naegela to prepare clients for weddings, graduations, or other formal events. The professional makeup program is a 4 month program that costs $120/month (or a total of $480). If are able to help Neagela purse her education you can SUPPORT NAEGELA HERE!

We have a few new students that need sponsorship. Click HERE to read their BIOS.

For Mother's Day this year we had a goal of raising $600 so that we could give a special Mother in Haiti a small business loan.  This special Mother was Josette...

Josette is a young mother of five - she has three girls and two boys. When she was just eight years old she left her parents and moved into a children’s home so she could attend school. In High School she started struggling in school and made some friends that weren’t the best influence. While in grade nine she was asked to leave the children’s home and return to her parent’s home. She was devastated and felt hopeless for her future. She enrolled in school but dropped out shortly after, as she became pregnant with her first son. Josette is a kind, vibrant, and determined woman who is so full of life that her energy is contagious to those around her. She lives in the town of Gonaives with her children & husband, and she is well known by her neighbours as being ready and willing to help anyone in need. Her husband has a driver’s license and drives for a sand company. It is tough, seasonal work that requires him to be away from his family for days on end when he gets a contract. Josette has always been industrious and has learned to stretch a dollar, even when it seems impossible. She would like to start a business buying non-perishable goods (rice, bean, oil, etc) in bulk in the city, and reselling them to her neighbors in smaller quantities. This type of business will offer a great service to her community… especially in difficult times like these when people can’t travel far to obtain food.

Thanks to the generosity of our partners we were able to meet our goal and Josette was able to purchase some bulk non-perishable foods (see picture above) on Saturday, May 8th. If you have a passion for small businesses and would like to partner with us in this area CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

That is just a glimpse of what has been happening lately! Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get more regular information. We thank God for inspiring our vision, providing leadership to our mission, and surrounding us with partners that are making it possible.

Rebecca & Renel Honorat