Our vision is for all families in Haiti to have access to education and have sufficient income to be able to provide for their family’s essential needs. We will work towards our vision by coming alongside families, and family units, in practical ways.



Change is possible!

Our passion is to come alongside families to strengthen them and empower them to build their capacity in sustaining ways. We recognize that change takes time and too often a child's education is cut short when the family has minimal resources.

You can come alongside a family, and help them achieve financial sustainability, by sponsoring their child to attend Elementary School, High School or Post-Secondary Education.

A sponsored child will have their tuition and fees paid, and be provided with their required text books. Families are encouraged to participate in the education process by providing uniforms, supplies and transportation (when necessary). We believe it is important for families to be part of the process and if they are not financially able, they will be encouraged to participate in our Small Business Loan program.

The cost of sponsorship varies depending on the level of education:

Elementary School: $30/month

High School: $40/month

Post-Secondary: minimum $50/month (depending on career path)



September Update!

The Haitian government has announced that they will be increasing the cost of gas tomorrow, Wednesday September 14th, from 250 gourdes a gallon (~$2.50 US) to 520 gourdes a gallon (~$5.20 US). 

Let that sink in… the cost of gas will be doubling overnight. What would your reaction be if that happened here?

Now, try to imagine what this will mean for many of our Haitian families.

- They will no longer be able to transport their produce to the market, therefore it will rot and they will have no income.
- The community well won’t work because there is no gas to run the generator that powers the pumps, so contaminated river water is the only option.
- Schools will remain closed as teachers often commute from other towns and will no longer be able to find transportation.
- Their houses will be dark after sunset as the cost of kerosene will also increase significantly (increasing from 352 gourdes to 603 gourdes).

Today gas stations in Haiti have unthinkable lines.
 Most people, desperate to get a full tank, will burn more gas waiting in line than they will be able to refill. 

If you follow Haitian news you will see many articles in the coming days that show protests and unrest. It’s inevitable. We are sharing our thoughts in hopes that it will give you a glimpse into the perspective of many families in Haiti.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry was quoted in an article from CCN yesterday saying, "The state is losing a lot of money and can't collect enough taxes to keep the public administration running".

For those of us who are privileged enough to live in a country that has a functioning government it's easy for us to relate to the concept of the government needing to raise taxes to fund itself. We all share different opinions on how effective our government is but none of us can say that there isn't education available to our children, a hospital available to us in an emergency, and police to respond to chaos. 

Yes, the government in Haiti needs to bring in more money to fund itself. But remember, our Haitian families have yet to experience a functioning government. Consequently, it’s difficult for the people to accept this increase and believe it is in their best interest… especially when the immediate consequences are so devastating. 

Sometimes I feel discouraged with the constant negative news from Haiti and wonder if we can truly make a difference in the country. I need to remind myself that it's not my vision to change Haiti, it's my vision to provide opportunities to Haitian families so that they can change Haiti.

Amid the chaos I hope you will choose to join me in celebrating that this week Alongside gave out 4 new SBLs and welcomed 7 new students into our sponsorship program!

We will be featuring the loan recipients and new students on social media over the next few weeks. If you're interested in sponsoring a student you can take a sneak peek using the link HERE!

Rebecca Honorat
Executive Director
Alongside Families in Haiti Society 



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