Update from Emma Gamache, the Operations Manager for Kurumbuka!

"I recently had the joy of spending 2 weeks in Rwanda at our Leadership Hub leading a team of young adults from Columbia Bible College. During this trip we were able to build the first ever low ropes course in the country at our Leadership Hub, spent time serving in the community and got to do life with Trek students! Attached here is a video of the newest addition to the Hub and attached are some photos :)




While I was at our Hub, I also was able to sit down with Phocas and have a conversation to both thank and update your congregation and staff on what has been happening at Kurumbuka and how your support is bringing transformation. Phocas shares a few impact stories as well as a couple prayer requests. You can click here to watch this update and thank you video!

While I was in Rwanda it was so clear to see how communities and lives are being transformed through investing in local leaders. Transformation that would not be possible without the love, support and prayer from Pacific Community Church. 

A quick story that touched my heart deeply was the story of a boy named Bosco. He is a recent graduate from our third Trek Cohort (the young man in the photo with me). Bosco grew up having to be the breadwinner for his large family as his parents were unable to work. With this massive responsibility at the age of 12 it hindered him from a normal childhood and forced him to grow up quickly. He worked in a rural bakery, 7 days a week to provide a mere $12/month for his whole family. This is what Bosco shared with me when he was telling his story; “I heard about Trek and knew it was something that would help me have a better future, but when I looked at the price of tuition there’s no way I could ever afford it. I’m a hard worker, but at my job I only make $12 a month. Through supporters, I got a scholarship, and Trek has changed my life!”

Trek gave Bosco a chance to be a normal kid again. It gave him the opportunity to dive deep into his relationship with God, and spend time discerning God's calling on his life. Bosco graduated from Trek with a sense of purpose, hope and excitement for what he could do with the talents God had given him. He was eager to return to his family as a better leader, one that had hopes and dreams to bring his family out of poverty and into an abundant life. This vision and hope is only possible because of the generosity of our Kurumbuka community, providing Bosco with a scholarship to attend Trek.

Pacific Community Church is one of those supporters! We are so thankful for your partnership and generosity and I hope you can get a taste of the impact you are making in lives such as Bosco's! Thank you for helping us raise up the next generation of African Leaders; the ones who will change the course of their country! 

With appreciation & gratitude, 



Thank you for your interest in joining our growing global community.

Developing a new generation of African leaders


Our Strategy

We use a Christ-centred approach to develop, connect, and equip emerging and executive leaders who have the passion and vision to transform their institutions, organizations, and communities across Africa.


Our Story

  Kurumbuka Leadership Solutions brings a bold new vision to a work that began organically seven years ago. Our founders developed the Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) as part of The Wellspring Foundation for Education. ALI was led by a respected and experienced Rwandan community leader, Phocas Ngendahayo. Each year ALI carefully selected 20 to 25 educational leaders from four countries (Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda) who had a compelling vision to transform their school communities. ALI came alongside these leaders and trained them to expand their vision, develop strategy, build a team, multiply impact, and mobilize community assets.

As ALI grew and gained a broader vision, it was clear that it needed to be birthed under a separate entity with a mandate focused entirely on developing and empowering African leaders. Kurumbuka is now the new home of the Abundant Leadership Institute, and we are developing additional programs that will empower leaders, connect influencers, and multiply solutions so 10,000 African leaders can realize their dreams by 2030.

Watch this video to learn more about Kurumbuka!

Our Name

The word Kurumbuka (Koo-room-boo-kuh) in Kinyarwanda means “to multiply.” Its original context is agricultural and refers to planting seeds and producing a harvest. We have adopted it to describe the exciting process that takes place when a local leader brings a compelling vision to reality and multiplies it by training others to do the same. It also represents the organic spread of a great idea from one African community to another.

Abundant Leadership Institute

The Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) is a one-year leadership certificate for Africa’s most promising Christian leaders. 

Abundant Leadership is the act of serving a community by helping create a shared vision and using the gifts and abilities of everyone to accomplish that vision.  For an Abundant Leader, motivation and credibility do not come from title or position, but rather from a deep love and passion for their community
and a desire to see positive change that will benefit all members.

ALI is comprised of 7 courses delivered over the course of one year.

- Abundant Leadership Foundations
- Asset-Based Community Development
- Biblical Worldview and Values
- Empowering Leadership
- Team Leadership
- Strategic Planning
- Leadership Principles and Practices