“Connecting youth & transforming lives”

If there is just ONE caring adult in the life of a vulnerable youth, (vulnerable being anyone needing special care, support or protection because of things like life difficulties or risk) they have a 70% chance of thriving. Youth Unlimited help calls kids out of isolation into real relationship where they can experience the love of God through the care and support.


Youth Unlimited, is known internationally as Youth for Christ and is nationwide in over 110 countries.  Canada alone has 33 chapters.  Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited is 1 chapter.  Surrey is 1 area out of 9 spanning from North Vancouver to Chilliwack.


Young Families is 1 program within Surrey

Young Families exists to welcome pregnant and parenting youth, into a caring, safe and supportive environment. Thrive is a cornerstone program within Young Families. Thrive is an 18-month life skills program, for vulnerable young moms age 19-25, empowering them with the skills, resources and guidance they need to overcome challenges and restore their families.

Charlotte Toney is one of 3 Thrive staff, and facilitates the program alongside the director and on-site counsellor. All Youth Unlimited staff are local missionaries, and therefore rely on the generosity of partners to do this work in Surrey. 

“I am thankful for Thrive because I have learned so much and have felt more love than ever before” - Thrive Participant.


My daughter recently learned to walk, so we walk the neighbourhood a lot. She stops at everything, fascinated by the cars, stones, puddles, signs, fences, steps, dogs, and people - she loves people watching! 

I get to slow down with her and notice. A walk that could take 10 minutes takes 25-30 as we slowly observe the things around us and acknowledge what we see. The acknowledging is actually a huge part of our walks and an important aspect of her development as we take time to notice and voice what we see. I think this is how I would describe my last couple of months back at work - I get to stop, notice, and get excited with others about the things we are observing. One part of my job that I don’t talk about much (but yet is so important) is the behind the scenes work of brainstorming, researching, implementing, and developing program and event details. This is significant part of my skill set and I absolutely love it. I get excited to create, dream, and implement. I get excited to see and acknowledge. Recently, something we have been focusing on is postpartum support. We have some incredible new parents in our community who are either pregnant or have newborns and our desire is to support them well! We have access to some amazing community resources that we have the joy of connecting each mom to as needed, but we have been dreaming about what our role is as a program in this area of need. One incredible thing we are now offering is a meal train for any mom who just gave birth. We are slowly building a team of volunteers (alongside Mobile Meals from the Cloverdale Community Kitchen to fill in the gaps) who are excited to provide home cooked meals to any mom who just gave birth. We are seeking to fill this volunteer roster with meals or finances to provide them - maybe this is an opportunity that would fit you? If so, I’d love to connect with you. 

I'm left speechless because of your support and encouragement in what we do!

Thank you for always cheering us on!
With a full heart,
Charlotte Toney

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